CMCI srl what it produces
and how it operates in the market!

CMCI s.r.l.Established in 1976 CMCI Co. is a manufacturer of sewing machines mostly for the footwear and leather goods industries. It is located in the Marche Region where the great majority of Italian shoemakers are concentrated (some 2.500 units), which lead the way to innovation and are among the most demanding customers...

C.M.C.I. srl CE declaration of conformity

CE conformity

Fairs & Events

SIMAC Milano Italy
from 20/02 to 22/02/2018
Pav. 14 - Stand L39


C.M.C.I. s.r.l.
Via Dell'industria 11, 63900 Fermo (Italy)
Tel. +39.0734.640275
Fax +39.0734.640247
E-mail info@cmci.it

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