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Thursday 28 September 2023

Stitching machines for assembled moccasin

F04 2N cmci industrial professional sewing machine


Special arm sewing machine particulary suitable for ornamental purposes. Fake moccasin and leather goods.
One or two needles.
Equipped with our own larger, oscillating and reversed shuttle.
Fixed claw transport.
Independent and balanced rotating body.

Technical data:

Sewing speed 700 s.p.m.
Stitch length from 0 to 12 mm
Thread Min 0,4 mm Polyester
Max 1,0 mm Waxed
Needle system 328 - 214 x 2
Motor EFKA DC 1550 Control 220V 50/60Hz
Weight Net: 125 KG | Gross: 151 KG
Certificate package dimension 124 x 70 x 145h cm
Data sheet Download Pdf
Note: Maximum absorption 670 Kw


Details and stitching

Stitching machines for assembled moccasin